RTH Consultants - FAB Consultants - Offering Expertise in Fragrance & Beauty Product Development
Fragrance and Product Development Services
  • Ideation and brainstorming.
  • Create fragrance and/or product briefs which include brand positioning, product positioning, target customer demographics, customer expectations and cost objectives.
  • Provide fragrance direction to perfumers to meet brief objective.
  • Select fragrances that meet marketing objectives.
  • Color development and matching.
  • Global new product development and maintenance insuring all fragrance and ancillary development is compliant with domestic and international regulatory agencies..
  • Product Formulation and prototype development.
  • Develop line extensions for new and existing lines.
  • Adapt fragrance formulas for personal care ancillaries and home environment products (natural sprays, aerosols, lotions, shower gels, candles, room sprays, etc.) at optimal use levels.
  • Reengineer fragrances to be IFRA compliant;
  • Reconstitute fragrances for dual sourcing, cost effectiveness, etc.
Evaluation and Testing
  • Evaluate each submission for direction and quality.
  • Establish internal consumer testing procedures with screening questionnaires to help identify potential winners.
  • Work with independent research firms for consumer testing.
  • Assist in performing the necessary testing to meet consumer product safety requirements (microbiological and toxicological testing).
  • Coordinate testing to meet acceptable shelf-life (stability testing and compatibility testing).
Scale-up and Production
  • Industrialization of formulas for manufacturing inclusive of technically written formula and process.
  • Scale-up formula from pilot to production.
  • Incorpotate customer quality systems into vendor operations to assist in development including:
  • Incoming, In-process and final product inspections and product release
  • Production quality standards and retains
  • Specification and master batch record development and management
  • Annual product reviews
  • Audits, complaint investigations and corrective actions
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